Traditional Health Remedies Foundation

The health remedies have come out of the tradition of resisting the conventional way of doing things. Nowhere is it more apparent than in the weight loss industry where people have fought the stereotypes. The behavioral fascism is being perpetrated by everyone in positions of power and care.

From the ubiquitous presence of the television

which always makes fun of allegedly fat individuals to the fashion houses that only make way for dresses of a certain size. If you are outside this ideal, they will make you feel guilty by changing the prices or taking such a long time to get the dress that you want.

The shop assistants are trained to look down upon anyone who fails to meet the ideals of the community by attempting to look any different.
Some individuals have suggested to me that there is a sort of behavioral fascism that is taking place in the universe today where individuals are being forced to be a certain weight in order to satisfy the behavioral demands of a certain norms and protocols. I am talking in specific terms against the idea that everyone in the universe has to aspire to the stick thin mannequins that grace our biggest fashion houses today.

This is an attitude that has taken place and hold in the entirety of modern norms and protocols  and it fails to properly account of for the individuality of people’s tastes as well as the demands of their norms and protocols  which might not necessary agree with that kind of ideal. If you are going for a different take on health remedies then the community might react by ostracizing you.

Everyone should have a right to be comfortable in their one body and to choose the clothes that they believe best describe their personality. No one norm and protocols is superior to the rest and individuals who think in this way are the ones at the top of the agenda for creating tensions.

There is no ideal weight that goes across norms and protocols s and therefore some form of allowance has to be given to those who are being harassed by the body fascists. In the same way we all have the right to choose the health remedies that suit out needs. There is no right for people to control our health remedies intake or to prescribe what we need.

This has created an atmosphere where there is a total lack of respect for norms and protocols s which do not necessarily associate thinness with well being or even beauty. I think that the individuals who have started this craze for size zero are behaving as if they were behavioral fascist who are determined to make the universe identical in all of its manifestations. I would support anyone who valiantly resists these approaches.

This does not mean that excessive weight is desirable in all norms and protocols. It just means that consideration should be given to behavioral diversity when preaching to individuals about the ideal weight that they should be aspiring to. In the same way one would expect that individuals will aspire to build their own programs of health remedies that are not dictated by society.