Sardines for Health – Rich in Essential Nutrients

Sardines are oily fishes with a strange and obnoxious smell. This has prevented many to dig deep into its actual worth. Add to that, its continual sale in cans make people more skeptical. People often try its alternative non-vegetarian option and tend to largely ignore sardine. Those who swear by it, despite its not-too-great taste,

are richer in body health.

Its content is such that it packs sizable protein, calcium and iron. It has co-enzyme Q10 in addition to vitamin B12. Thus people have begun to consider it as wholesome food. You can have bananas, spinach and eggs; or you can have bellyful of sardines; such is its effect.

Regular sardine intake ensures ingestion of its oil, known to do wonders for your liver. Its Omega-3 fatty acid has anti-oxidant properties to flush away toxins; and is great for memory, sexual activities and even cholesterol levels. In particular, sardines are a gem for those suffering from heart ailments. It regulates blood level and is also effective for Type 1 diabetic patients.

omega3 supplement Its greatest virtue lies in the fact that it packs a punch even in small limits. You can have sardines as a side dish and still reap its healthy benefits. Slowly, people have begun realizing the healthy aspect of sardines.

Spanish people are known to be foremost consumers of sardines. They have acquired a taste for it and are not put off by its smell. An analogy can be drawn with sushi; a similar foul smelling fish from Japan, with harsh taste but immense physical benefits. Sardines can hold a candle against many fishes on beneficial aspect.
Reports have suggested that it is also a medication against prostrate cancer. Yes, it can only be tried in initial stages when the cancer is curable. This gives sardines a definite edge.

Seafood is normally rich in mercury that has a debilitating effect on human brains. Sardines contain perhaps the lowest level of mercury among fishes per se. Instead, it contains selenium.

Its one drawback is that it is too rich in sodium that gives it a natural salty taste but is unwise for health if in high amount. Problem is that if boiled, its sodium content will lessen but many of its positive qualities are also mitigated. Still, one has to reckon sardines as a healthy food.

Next time, do not be turned off by its smell; dig deep and eat to your heart’s content.