Probiotic Cheese – known to Boost Immunity

Elderly people are known to contract diabetes ; weak sense organs ; obesity ; poor bone density, cancerous growth and million other problems. Most of this happens because of deficiency in immune system. Most cells become weak and retarded and hormonal secretions get restrained; many being essential features of young people. Elderly people can of

course o with some boost to their immunity levels.

Yoghurt and milk are known to act as strong bacterial agents to strengthen immunity. Of course these bacteria are of good nature and help in digestion and other functions. These are called probiotic. Now cheese has also been found to be a carrying agent of these probiotic bacteria like Lactobacillus. Tests have been done on people ranging from 70s to even 90s and results are quite positively forthcoming.
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Phagocytic cells – known as natural killers of diseased cells; are given a raw boost with probiotic cheese. Those on egad or gouda cheese diets are found to contain more of these cells; thus naturally strengthening their immunity. Old people generally suffer from a mild disease like sneezing or coughing for long. With this developed immunity, that also is reduced to a great extent.
Probiotic cheeseProbiotic cheese is of course expensive and daily consumption of about 20-25 grams of cheese may set elderly people back in the wallet. However they become naturally protected against external problems. Virus attack, culmination of a life-threatening disease and other dangers keep on the prowl to hurt aged people. This deteriorated immune function is called immunosenescene.

Immunosenescence causes old bodies to be extremely vulnerable to infections; external factors and mild or strong diseases. A test done on 30 individuals kept on alternative diet of normal cheese and probiotic cheese proved that probiotic cheese shows great fluency in cutting down immunosenescene.

Age is of course a limiting factor and blood sugar level; heart rate; renal functions and digestive functions cannot be expected to show same zeal as in youth. Still, probiotic cheese ensures that with limited action; controlled lifestyle and daily walks and hygiene; body remains fit according to age, and resistant against general atrocities of the elements. Thus in a way, probiotic cheese also increases life span commandingly unless one dies of accidental causes.

In general, neutrophils ; component of white blood cells act as immunity agents along with antibodies and antigens. WBC production lessens down considerably with advancing age. Yet, probiotic cheese provides suitable alternate options.