Personal Care Assistance

As a senior citizen, living on your own may not be easy.

Things that used to be simple become complex, time consuming tasks, and what used to be so inherent and require absolutely no thinking has grown into a daunting endeavor that may seem impossible to achieve.

Often times, it is the small things that

make a difference, and with home medical supplies, you can help yourself, and go about completing your daily activities around the house.

One of the most common causes of hospitalization in seniors is falling and breaking a bone. The older we are, the weaker our bones, joints, and muscles become, and along with the diminution in our balance and motor skills comes the increased likelihood that if we do fall, injury will be even more severe.
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A security pole and curve grab bar can give you a helping hand where and when you need it, reassuring you of your balance and minimizing the chances of you falling.

Another common cause of injury Panic Attack Treatment or pain in the elderly is sitting down and getting up. Old knees tend to be extremely sensitive, so take some of the pressure off of those hard-working joins with the UpEasy lifting cushion seat assist, and get in and out of any seat with ease and smoothness.

A decline in visionary abilities is something that affects everyone at some point, and with unsteady hands and vision that is far from perfect, everything from turning on a lamp to controlling the television and dialing a phone number can become unnecessarily stressful undertakings.

The Hy-Tek big button remote can make changing the channel on your television quick and convenient, while the Northwestern Bell Big button phone with Braille is the perfect companion to anyone who has trouble seeing or accurately pressing the buttons on an ordinary telephone.

While light switches are simple, many lamps often have tiny little twisting mechanisms which turn the light on and off, something that may not be simple for a person whose hands are shaky and whose vision is poor. For problems such as these, the big lamp switch makes turning lamps on and off easy, so you don’t have to face the frustrations of not being able to operate your own lamp.

Keys are another tool which tend to be particularly small and difficult to use, so equip your home or office key with a key turner, and regain control so opening doors will once again be a cinch. You can even go so far as to eliminate all keys to your home by embracing the technology of the times and installing a Bio-Matic weather-proof fingerprint recognition door lock.

Keeping your home clean is easy when you are young and can easily operate a heavy vacuum or bend down to sweep up a pile of dirt or dust, but for older folks, these tasks can prove difficult or even impossible.

A fully automatic robotic vacuum cleaner can keep your floors clean and dust-free, and you won’t have to worry about hauling out that weighty vacuum every time you want your floor clean.

Sanitation can also be made more simple by the addition of a touchless SX trashcan, available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Living independently as an older person isn’t always easy, but you can retain your independence and get yourself the assistive tools you need to keep on moving forward and living life to its fullest.