Mesothelioma Treatment – Chemotherapy, Radiation, Surgery and Therapy

Mesothelioma is a cancer or abrupt growth of inner cavity linings. These occur mainly in lungs. This is a deadly form of cancer if not diagnosed initially. However one may take a deep breath as there are numerous surgical and non-surgical methods of treating mesothelioma.

Like other cancers; this too has three prime treatments; surgery,

chemotherapy and radiation. Curative surgery is the most effective and results in extracting the whole tumor. It can however only be applied when the patient is surely suffering from it. There are other palliative surgeries like Laproscopy or Thoracoscopy. These try to treat pleural membranes without treating the disease in actuality. Still it brings some relief to the patient.

Chemotherapy is an attempt to treat mesothelioma through chemical induction. Antibiotics and other chemical medicines try lessening impact and prune growth of cancerous cells. This also acts as prevention against cancer relapse, which is considered doubly dangerous.

radiation therapyRadiation is taken recourse to when chemotherapy does not give expected results. Gamma rays are focused on the cancerous area and tumor is burnt through the harsh rays. The entire area gets black and this may also result in loss of hair. People may also show certain side-effects when subject to radiation. Casts are created to ensure that radiation do not cross the bounds of affected area.

Gene therapy is also used against mesothelioma patients. This modulates the body to respond to chemotherapy by inducing certain proteins. Photodynamic therapy is a customized treatment that comprises effect of light energy on cancer cells.

Cancer cells may have abrupt growth but these are in essence parts of the body; and thus body does not take remedial measures against them. With passive immunotherapy, body immune system is coaxed to take actions against these dangerous cancerous cells. In active immunotherapy, some of these cells are extracted and then turned into vaccines against their own kind; rest of the cancerous cells.

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If mesothelioma reaches final stage, it is almost impossible to treat patients. Continuous researches are going on to find surefire way of treating cancer. Once stem cell research reaches its end; there will be great hope for cancer patients. Till then, one should take precaution and reach doctors in case of primary manifestations.

Doctors check the medical history of cancer patients to finalize time for curative surgery. Diabetic patients cannot be operated and so also those suffering from extreme blood pressure; high or low.