Measuring Exercise Intensity

People are getting into the act of maintaining a fit body. They are using all tricks ; fair and unfair; to gain the purpose. Excess flab on the waist line is an invisible stain on your CV. Of all and sundry acts, exercising holds a pride of place as it directly results in considerable reduction

of weight. It is more like cash payment than check; you see the results per se.

Now different body structures are advised different intake of calories. Calories are units of energy and shows effect in thin or fat body. On an average, 2400 calories is considered apt for a person with normal lifestyle. However, these people with often sedentary activities tend to gain weight in wrong places. They are then advised strength training and other exercises to come in shape.

About 3500 calories account for 1 pound of weight each way. Thus, your calorie loss is to gain denotes your weight loss or gain. Intelligent adaptation to lose or gain proportionate weight is the vision of people. Exercising intensity is thence accordingly advised.
exercise intensityDuring exercises, sweat factor increases; pulse rate and heart beats flush up and instant energy reduces. These are the peremptory features of measuring exercising intensity. If one feels light, sweaty and unable to talk coherently, he may have overdone his exercises. There should be a gradual increase in weights for people to slowly adapt.

It is universally maintained that your age subtracted by 220 gives your maximum heart rate capacity. Your aim should be to keep lowest heart rate point at its 7/10th and highest capacity at 85%. However, if your rate capacity is not substantially high, you can give it a fix and ensure that it doesn’t shoot up.

Certain rigorous exercises help you lose calories hugely. High-speed running and rollerblading are the most rigorous. Even ski-jumping is quite energy liberating. Aerobic exercises like swimming, jogging, cycling helps you lose controlled weight and flex your urgent muscles pertaining to thigh and forearms.

Keeping a tab on exercise intensity is a must; as less weight loss may not help matters; and more loss may not leave enough energy to negotiate the day. There are natural manners to measure pulse without going for the machine. It is an altogether DIY thing and one can ensure fit and glistening body with, may be, some help from physical instructors. One should never go overboard with exercises.