Is It Safe To Drink Diet Soda During Pregnancy ?

There are so many things you shouldn’t do while pregnant. How much of a purist do you want to be? If you don’t want to expose your baby to possible toxins, then artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose should be avoided and the drinks of choice would be more-natural beverages (not such a bad idea).

If you suffer from a disorder called phenylketonuria (PKU), then you already know you are not supposed to consume aspar­tame because you lack the ability to digest the amino acid phenylalanine, always found in aspartame. MedzCanada – the best tablets from Canada.

If you aren’t a pregnancy purist and you would like to have a diet soda because you like the taste or want to cut calories, is aspartame safe to con­sume during pregnancy? To date, no study proves that aspartame has a neg­ative influence on unborn children. We realize that books and Web sites dis­cuss the evils of aspartame, but again, no definitive scientific evidence sup­ports complete avoidance of artificial sweeteners.

Almost any compound or chemical has a toxic level at which consumption is harmless. Look at cyanide. It’s one heck of a nasty compound that is used to poison people and will kill when ingested at a certain level. Well, almonds contain cyanide. Before you abandon this healthy snack, know that you would have to con­sume hundreds of pounds of them in order to reach a toxic dose of cyanide.

Not to sound like a broken record, the key is moderation, moderation, moderation. Do you remember the 1976 made-for-television movie The Boy in the Plastic Bubble starring John Travolta? We tell our patients that when they become pregnant they don’t have to live inside of a plastic bubble, sequestered away from life’s activities. You don’t have to hide from the world around you because you are pregnant and you don’t have to let those around you build a bubble around you. You’re pregnant, you’re not broken.

Many of you will feel ridden with guilt because you ate something wrong or someone told you not to drink that diet soda and you drank it anyway. As we’ve seen, diet myths continue to prevail. Similarly, there are times when guilt can get the better of you and make you think that you’ve done something that could harm your baby or cause a miscarriage. Myths abound that support and encourage your fears. As with diet, the topic of miscarriage abounds with myths. To ease your worries and fears, and thus lighten your load, we’ll move on and do some miscarriage myth busting.