Health Treatment Programs For Smokers

Smokers have become a focus of health treatment programs and government legislation. There are many myths that surround smoking and this has contributed to the clouding of the picture. To me one of the most harrowing experiences that you can have as a parent or relative is when your loved one takes up smoking in

order to lose weight.

There is a new or even old belief that smokers are immune to the different dietary challenges that the rest of the population has to navigate. This belief is based on the observation of the anecdotal evidence and I have to be the first person to admit that I have noticed that my friends that smoke have less weight problems than that do not. Can one then conclude that smoking is the key to weight loss?

My answer to that question would be that one cannot necessarily jump to such a conclusion. There are some rather complex reasons why some people lose weight at a much faster rate than others. We should not be fudging the issues with some nonsense that just has the backing of the anecdotal experts.
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Unless there is scientific proof that this is the case then we are merely speculating. I have also noticed that people that stop to smoke tend to put on a lot of weight in the short run. I have my own theories about that but there is a belief that it is due to habits. The health treatment programs that are targeting smokers have to focus on dealing with addiction.

One acquires the habits of putting something in the mouth and it is very difficult to break that habit. When they stop to smoke then there is nothing to put into the mouth other than food. As a result the overall amount of calories that they are consuming shoots through the roof with the result that they will have a significant weight gain.

These people might not admit it but the reality is that they are facing a real health problem that needs real solutions and smoke is not one of them. The health treatment programs have to look for ways of turning the addiction of smokers into a benefit.

You also have to consider the impact of smoking on your general health. It might be possible that you lose weight through smoking but you could end up with lung cancer. This is an infinitely much more serious problem than just smoking. You have to make your calculations carefully because they can determine your health for a very long time.

You ought to recognize that smoke is not something that you can play about with and if you ingest it on a regular basis you are going to create health problems that surpass the benefits of weight loss. One of the criticisms of the health treatment program is that it has not been comprehensive enough in its approach to smokers. They tackle individual problems rather than taking a holistic approach.