Omega3 Oils – Effective Treatment for Dry Eyes

Omega-3 oils are found in fishes like salmon, tuna or sardines are considered the elixir of life owing to its multifaceted benefits. It keeps body energetic, flushes away toxins, keep heart rate great and is superb for diabetic patients. Their digestive assistance has also come to the fore.

Repeated experiments have added another feather to

its already filled crown. Antibiotic an effective treatment for dry eyes. This has not been conclusively proven; but whenever it has been tested on patients with dry eyes; there has invariably been a positive switch.

There is a tear gland in the eye that ensures wetness in ophthalmic gland. Sometimes it gets inflamed in a condition known as blepharitis. Tears eventually evaporated leaving a dry feeling in the eye. It causes rare irritation as if sandpaper has been rubbed on it.

Omega-3 fatty oils help in reducing that inflammation to a large extent. In addition, the incumbent oil glands create film around the tear gland and ensure that no evaporation takes place.

Certain solutions have also been invented to cure eyes of this inflammation and allowing wetness. Eye drops like Thera Tears does this job quite well. Dry eye can be quite itchy at times; resulting in headache and tension.

carbohydratesIn addition, carbohydrates like pasta and whole grains also allow better tear production by lessening inflammation. Problem with people is that they consume too much omega-6 fatty acids found in meat; thus neutralizing sharp effects of Omega-3 fatty acids. LASIK – an eye examination is performed only after maintaining the balance of two Omega fats right.

It has been found that those with excellent food habits and little junk weep well. Ingestion of carrots and direct Vitamin a supplements work magic too.

Certain supplements are also advised to extreme cases lest they resort to operation. Dry eye may be terribly irritating in the long run; as tear stability gets out of control. On the part of omega-3 fatty acids; it also works well to treat rheumatoid arthritis through its diuretic nature. Add to that; the excellent taste of salmon and who will hate the option of consuming Omega-3 fatty oils.

Eye is the most significant sense organ and one should not treat any inherent eye problem mildly. Still, operation appears a bit harsh for a seemingly mild ocular problem involving tear duct and lachrymal gland. Flax seeds admittedly are better purveyors of Omega 3 fatty oils being relatively free from chances of contamination.