Best Possible Treatment Option for Social Phobia

Often survivors of railway crash or bus accidents live a harrowed life. Hijacks or bank robberies too may have involved viewers. They live in post-action trauma for the rest of their lives. There are certain social fears as well like feeling odd in gathering or while giving interviews. Different fear psychosis instilled in people’s brains may create space for social phobia ( or Social Anxiety Disorder). This is completely abstract and falls in the domain of psychiatrist but it actually brings confidence down to abysmal standard.
Social phobia may be treated with over the counter medicines like imiprine, effexor or Paxil. There are antihistamines to induce drowsiness in insomniacs and antidepressants to counter depression. However these all may correct the trauma temporarily and leave seeds for unrest in the long term.
Perhaps the best treatment options for social phobia ( or Social Anxiety Disorder ) include cognitive behavior therapy or group therapy. People in the first therapy are slowly brought in related environment that frightens them. For instance; those fearing dark areas may be brought in a dark enclosure. Then they are encouraged to slowly come to terms with their fear and counter it. This is a gradual process and may take more than a few sessions. Sometimes certain social phobia like agoraphobia is inherent and cannot be warded off quickly.

behavior therapyIt is instilled in their brain that others are coping with the problem so well that it is not a problem for them. People may also face simulated environment of complete rejection. In short; their very fears are played in front of them in amiable or harmless surroundings. Thus they understand that their fear has its foundation in the mind; not in actuality.

Then these people are encouraged to find able responses by using their intellect. They may or may not find the response but at least their inborn fear is mitigated to a large extent. There are taught to bring out natural constructive responses and memorize them in case the situation really creeps up. Deep breathing and quoting the name of a particular person one has faith in are two elegant ways of building some confidence.

Group therapy is when counseling is done using a larger batch. In this case, people gain encouragement from how their fellows react in similar situations. They are also taught social skills and confidence building skills. Every one fears one thing or other. That should not however hinder his general life. These therapies manage to achieve that.